Monday, July 20, 2009

It's like pulling teeth...

....without novacaine!

It's looking like the next LID to be matched is March 22-I am without words. That means only 2 days in this batch!?! How can this be?


Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's been a while...

...since I posted! Just not much to write about-the point of this blog was to keep family informed as to our progress with our adoption process. However, writing about wait periods is just not that interesting-as I've written before, I deal with the long wait time by just getting busy with other aspects of life. DH and I don't focus on anything having to do with Ling-Ling as it gets very frustrating.

Since we are reaching that magical referal point, we have been getting some things in order but are stumped when it comes to getting her room ready. We don't know how old she will be when we get the referal so are in a quandry as to getting a crib or a toddler bed? Baby type colors or older girl colors for the walls? Hmmm...we've tested out colors on the wall (thank goodness for paint testers!) and really can't make up our minds. We've been to Babys R Us and La Ideal but don't really buy anything because we just don't know what her needs will be. I guess there are some "must have" items that we can begin getting that are ageless? Funny-I've had two kids-but I guess it's been so long since they were babies that I've completely forgotten this stage of the process. I'm thinking this is a good thing! I'm enjoying it all over again! This time without all the morning sickness that lasted all day for nine months for me.

More soon