Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Update

I guess I can't really call it Fall since I live in So. Florida and it is still very very HOT! Lily has really blossomed into quite the beautiful flower. She is so incredibly cute and smart-no motherly bias of course. Lily loves to run and climb-such a difference from that little baby girl that couldn't even sit up without help from pillows! So many told me that she would catch up-but I will confess-at the time I didn't really believe it. Those were some dark moments. I feel very blessed that she is in my life. As you have seen, I have not been on the blog much - I'll confess that I HAVE NO TIME! From the moment I get home from school until she goes to sleep, Lily and I are attached at the hip. I've never really had that kind of attention from anybody-not even my two older children. Sleep is still a work in progress for us-she had been doing well in this department, but double ear infections and teething have added dark circles under mom's eyes. Even during the worse nights, I thought to myself: this time is so fleeting.....enjoy while I can.

I'll try to post more often as I would like this to be a record for Lily of her early years with us as a family. These pictures are some of the latest ones I've taken of Lily. Once again, they are blurry-I can't seem to get her to stop moving long enough for me to take her picture.