Sunday, January 27, 2008

Addition to the Family

We have a new member in the family. She's cute as a button, very blonde, and very needy! She's a 6 week old Labrador Retriever. My son has been wanting a dog for a while now, so this was his birthday gift. The first thing I wanted to know when he decided on the breed was "Are they good with kids?" Everyone assures me that they are, but I am thinking ahead of the time when Ling Ling comes. I hope they will like/love each other.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Packing for a baby

What does one pack when they are getting ready to become an instant mom? I'm wondering what essentials I need to pack and what I can just get while I'm in China. In reading other people's blogs that are getting ready to go and meet their daughter I realize that I am completely unprepared for this big event. I also realize that I only really have 6 months to do her room, get her some clothes, get myself ready and pack. Sounds easy but it isn't. I think I have coped with the long wait by just putting the whole thing out of my mind. Don't get me wrong, DH and I often talk about little Ling Ling, but it is always about what to name her, or plans on how to raise her. She is very very real to us. Yet by the same token we haven't done anything in the way of concrete action (other than tons of paperwork) in preparation for her coming. It is almost as if it makes the time fly faster. Now, however, I think that we are getting close to the moment. I think we need to actually start preparing the house and more importantly planning for our travel so that it doesn't become a race against the clock by the end. My thoughts lately have been about packing for her. What do I need....well everything really....diapers, formula, clothes, medicines....God forbid...but what must be purchased here and what can I get over there? I wonder if it depends on the province that she comes from? The only thing I am really glad about is that the weather should be fairly warm, therefore; easy to pack light....I've seen the pics of the snow covered streets! As a native Miamian I don't think DH nor I could handle the cold. We wouldn't know what to do with ourselves. I'm going to look up groups that I might join so that I can start getting the 411 and like a good PREPARED!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So I looked at my favorite adoption blog just now and the Hen has her new Chick. The pics she put up are amazing. What a cute little girl. I wonder how I will feel when it is me somewhere in China taking responsibility for a life! I hope I live up to the task...I think I will be so scared and stressed that I won't be able to enjoy the moment. I would like to savor every single aspect of the experience however.

Little about my family:

Daughter 22 set to graduate this May...she followed in her mom's footsteps even though she really really didn't want too! Talk about turning into your mother......I know I have.

Son 19 in his freshman year of college. Enjoying the experience and looking forward to an early graduation. Just purchased a brand new Labrador puppy that come home this Friday.

My first question???? Will this breed be good with babies? I'm looking forward to a baby in the house! I think now it will be safe to start planning her room. I've sort of put it off because I didn't want to "jinx" it. Very Cuban of me...

Husband: Homeland Security-that's all I'll say about that. He has never had a child, so I want so very much for this to be "his" experience. I will try to let him hold baby first? who knows....

Myself: High School English teacher! Need I say more? I teach seniors-no I can't say more about that, if you have had teens you know what I mean. If you are still on that journey I don't want to color your experience! I will say that I absolutely love what I do-enjoy my students completely-no matter what their mood!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting into It

Lately I've been reading many different blogs. I am amazed by the creativity that some people display in their sites! I do not come close in their ability. I am intrigued by "gotcha day" posts and pictures. I ask myself "How will I feel?" and "Will I cry?" I really don't know. I am very moved by the videos of moms holding their little girls for the very first time, yet at the same time I am so saddened by the whole situation... Why so many girls in orphanages? How can things like this happen in our world? Especially in the "modern" times that we live in! I am going to write something that is probably a huge NO-NO in this community that I am slowly becoming a part of: children belong with their parents...especially their moms! What will happen to this little girl that I will raise and nurture? How can I erase the reality of how she came to be in my life? I am afraid that no matter how much I love her, nor how much she is given and made a part of the family, she will somehow not get over her abandonment! What does it do to a person to know that they were discarded? I don't think I can erase that underlying truth...especially when she becomes a teen and is finding her identity. Am I being too dramatic? Worrying too much? Maybe....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Waiting for Ling-Ling

My husband and I have been waiting for a little girl we call Ling-Ling for about 22 months. It is only until very recently that this has become "real" to me. I am a mother of two college students so the feelings of "can't wait" really have not been part of my adoption experience. When I read other waiting family blogs, I realize that my experience is very different from all of those waiting moms. Sometimes it makes me feel very guilty. It does not, however, mean that I do no look forward to this little girl that will one day be my daughter. In fact, I truly believe that everything happens WHEN it is supposed to happen. We should not force nor rush a situation. It has taken this long to get Ling-Ling, because the little girl that will one day be ours is not ready to be placed in our home yet. Call it the Hand of God, Fate, or Karma....She will be given to us when the time is right. In the meantime, I work on making myself a better person, and in further strengthening the family that she will one day be a part of.