Monday, April 28, 2008

This thing called BLOGGING....

I'm completely amazed that I have become so "addicted" to blogs. Unitl very recently I didn't even know what a blog was! Now I find myself checking in on some people's blogs on a daily basis. When Tricia was waiting for her lungs and going through very tough times I prayed for her as if she was one of my friends. I've found myself smiling over Alice from South Africa's success and health after her transplant. I've cried over a mom carrying a baby to term knowing that the little girl would only take a few breaths. I've become so angry over an abuse of friendship and am checking on a young women named Pepe that may not have long to live. I'm not ashamed to admit that it was their journeys have given me courage and solace during some tough times this winter. The struggles and triumphs of these people I've never met have reminded me that we are all living this life the best way we know how. It is so great to read about "normal" people living extraordinary lives in a world that only the bad stuff gets attention. So.....Hurray for Tricia and Gwyneth-you are a physical manifestation of God's love and mercy in the world...Alice: As we say in Miami: You Go Girl!....Dancing-you will make it through-hang in there. Pepe....praying for you really, really hard. Mama Hen you are my role model--You ROCK!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cheung Chung Island

Trying to figure out how to upload pics onto blog....can't figure out how to rotate image...will keep trying.

BTW This was Orly and I in an island off Hong Kong. No motor vehicles, only bikes allowed on island....

Important Update!

Tricia received her new lungs!

What great news for her, what a glorious gift from the donor and family. I was continually looking at Nate's blog on the night of the surgery and praying for success. I can imagine how her friends and family must be feeling. Here I am a complete stranger (that has been completely touched by this family) staying up and worrying about must Nate and her family have felt? Once again, I don't think they realize how many people that have not prayed in a long time, came to their knees. Isn't this also part of the miracle? I firmly believe that it is...I am a witness to it in my own home! Makes me so happy. Thank you Nate and Tricia for sharing your journey and gathering sheep as you traveled the difficult road.

I also found out that the wait for Ling-Ling is even longer. I as myself "Is it a sign?"

God will show the way if it is....