Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Weeks and Counting....

I leave for Baltimore on July 6th! Cannot wait...although I HATE (AM TERRIFIED OF) flying. It seems ridiculous for me to be so phobic about getting on an airplane in light of how many miles I've logged during the last 4 years, but I really wish there was a better way of getting from point A to point B. I'm always so sure it's going to be the one that does me in, but alas I will not allow that fear to stop me from going to spectacular places. It has been two weeks since school ended yet I feel that my summer vacation just started. Before I know it I'll be back in school....yuck! Although I've been doing much to prepare the department for a smooth start in August. I want to get much accomplished this week-but I'm still very sore from surgery. I hope to feel better by the time I have to leave! I can't imagine carting the luggage through the airport and hotel rooms and feeling so sore! But everything will work out-I'm sure of it. I have a doctor's follow up appointment tomorrow, so I'll see what he says about the soreness. I also want to ask him if it's ok for me to swim in the Dead Sea-I would think it's theraputic? Hopefully he will say all is well. I found a mom of two of my students that is adopting from China. She got her referral for her baby and will be leaving for China at the end of this week! I'm so excited for her...what is ironic is that she has two older kids - as I do- her youngest and my youngest graduated from high school together, and now we are both embarking on "starting over" as so many people tell me. I don't see it as starting over at all!!! I see it as a continuation of my life's goals. Ever since I can remember, my mom used to talk about this little Chinese girl that she had "sponsored/adopted" when she was young in Cuba. From what I understand, the process was that you took on this baby girl that was in an orphanage in China and you paid for her welfare throughout her life. My mom would receive pictures and updates of her little girl throughout the time that she was in the program. Then came Fidel Castro and the rest is history. Her story really began my awareness and later my yen (no pun intented) to adopt a little girl from China. It seems like our wait is getting shorter-this week they announced the referrals of all LIDs through Jan 22. Our's is March 23. Soon soon......

Friday, June 13, 2008

Life and Death

Today has been a day in which I have been very much confronted with the subject of Life and Death. Tim Russert has unexpectedly died of heart failure, a 12 year old girl named Haley succumed to her CF and Tricia had a biopsy in order to confirm a cancerous tumour in her newly transplanted lung. What is the meaning in all this? I like to think that everything that happens has a purpose, and yes, I've grown up hearing "only God knows the real meaning of why this is happening." But at times it's really hard to buy that platitude. How do Haley's parents go on? How do Mr. Russert's (who was in the height of his career) family cope with this unexpected tragedy? How do Nate and Tricia deal with this next "curve ball"? Prayer? seems lame. Yet, even when I am most distant from God-I find myself praying! Why? Is it ridiculously naive of me? is this conditioned behavior? I don't know, what I do know is that I feel a sense of peace and well being in being able to pray at my most desperate moments. Life is such a gift! I treasure it so-have so many hopes, dreams and plans....yet the reality of life is that death can come at any given time! Preparation? My Catholic upbringing tells me that we should be confessed and "free from sin" I think I have learned what true preparation is~Living the life we are given in the best possible way! Life it fully, kindly, productively, and lovingly. Be grateful for others and tell them! Help our fellow man always....and let God do the rest!

Not very deep, but certainly heartfelt. Tonight I will be praying for Tricia and Nate-that they stay strong and continue to be such an example to people like me who falter. I pray for the Palmer family, that they may rest in the knowledge that Haley is breathing easy in the arms of our father and for Tim Russert's son and wife-may the peace of our Lord envelope them in this time of unspeakable grief.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Day of School!!!

Today was the last day of school! Yipee!!! I always laugh when the kids tell me how happy they are that school is out for the summer...little do they know that I am happy too. I see the end of the school year as a time to relfect on how this year has been, what things worked and what didn't. When you teach high schoolers--you find out quickly what did not work. I really enjoyed my students this year. They were respectful and very smart. I was able to try out new curricula as they were so open to "new ideas" and projects.
This summer I plan on travelling. I am lucky to have been chosen to participate in a "study program for teachers" I will be going to Baltimore, and then from there to Israel! I cannot believe I'm actually going. I will be visiting the Holy Land, while learning how to teach about the Holocaust to my students. I cannot contain myself I'm so excited.
Lots of stuff going on over here...also remodelling our bathrooms-what a mess! But that soon will be finished and we'll be able to enjoy uptdated facilities.
Last Tuesday was my daughter's 23rd birthday....WHERE DID TIME GO? I remember now that people would tell me "enjoy this time now, because it goes so fast" Where they ever right! I can't believe that she's a young woman, independent and fiesty! Love you Liz!

More soon...