Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Day of School!!!

Today was the last day of school! Yipee!!! I always laugh when the kids tell me how happy they are that school is out for the summer...little do they know that I am happy too. I see the end of the school year as a time to relfect on how this year has been, what things worked and what didn't. When you teach high schoolers--you find out quickly what did not work. I really enjoyed my students this year. They were respectful and very smart. I was able to try out new curricula as they were so open to "new ideas" and projects.
This summer I plan on travelling. I am lucky to have been chosen to participate in a "study program for teachers" I will be going to Baltimore, and then from there to Israel! I cannot believe I'm actually going. I will be visiting the Holy Land, while learning how to teach about the Holocaust to my students. I cannot contain myself I'm so excited.
Lots of stuff going on over here...also remodelling our bathrooms-what a mess! But that soon will be finished and we'll be able to enjoy uptdated facilities.
Last Tuesday was my daughter's 23rd birthday....WHERE DID TIME GO? I remember now that people would tell me "enjoy this time now, because it goes so fast" Where they ever right! I can't believe that she's a young woman, independent and fiesty! Love you Liz!

More soon...

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