Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Today was wonderful! I feel as if all that I worked for (very hard I might add) has come to fruition. Exchanged gifts this morning with hubby-it was peaceful and beautiful and romantic- then my kids came home from their dad's house and they opened up their gifts. Liz and Drew both loved what I got them...I miss them as little kids though. I realized today that when they were little-I didn't realize how quickly that time would pass-were the most magical Christmases of all. Yet today was especially lovely. My family came for dinner-including ex-family and it was great! I loved that we were all together and just enjoying each other's company. I missed my nephew Ivan-and realized I must do my part to get him through a difficult time.
It was a wonderful Christmas! It's all about the ones we love....Next year will be even better-Ling Ling will be with us! A little one in the house again! I'll be able to have a baby...KNOWING WHAT I KNOW NOW! It's a dream come true. I know I'm going to be a great mom-I've learned what is imprtant and what is not a big great is that?

Looking forward to a wonderful New Year!

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Love it!