Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'Tis the Season

Feeling melancholic....Like Sammy! This is our Yellow Lab.

I am amazed by what a difference it is to experience the Christmas Holidays as an adult! I used to LOVE the anticipation of Christmas eve-first as a child, then as a mother of two. It was so wonderful to plan and decorate and experience the joy of the season. Lately I've come to the conclusion that what is missing from my enjoyment is-a small child in the house. There is nothing like the wonder of a little one experiencing the lighting of the Christmas tree for the first time, or waking up on Christmas morning and enjoying all the toys. I remember when my kids would wake up before dawn. I remember when I did that also! DH and I really thought we would be in this position by now. What saddens me is that there is a little girl so far away that will not be enjoying the warmth and love of her own family because of our separation.

Didn't mean to make this post so gloomy-but as I sit and watch the usual Christmas season classic cartoons (Rudulph the Red Nosed Reindeer) what is missing is little Ling-Ling. Oh well-next year will be different.

Feeling good-had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now preparing to attend L's graduation. I cannot believe that my first baby will be graduating from college -Go Gators!- it was only yesterday she was graduating from Kindergarten.

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