Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting closer! Somewhat.

Referrals for this month include LID's throught the end of February. Our LID is March 27-We only have one month before we receive our referral! Our adoption process has been a very long one-when we began the paperwork to adopt we were told the process from start to finish would take 9 months-12monts at most. We are now almost 3 years into the wait. Needless to say it has been very frustrating-at least for my DH. I have always felt that the referral would come when we were matched to the child we were supposed to have-and I don't think this is something that we can/should have any control over. Ling-Ling will come when she's meant to. This is why I never really bought or prepared a room for her. We do have her room-but there is nothing in it. I didn't want to paint or buy stuff until the time of referral got closer. I have gone on with everyday life and really put the adoption on a back burner. I know many women that have been waiting for the same amount of time that I have and are very angry and frustrated with the wait. I just don't see this as productive. Now I think I am going to allow myself to get excited and maybe start looking at paint colors! I'm hoping that we will have a referral by March. Hubby feels it will be a little longer-but even if it is...I really think that our referral is around the corner! What a great New Year this is going to be!

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