Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update from Nanchang

Yesterday we completed the adoption paperwork for Lily. It was a long tough day-in spite of the long hours in the registry office and the notary, Lily held up pretty well-Her parents did not. This is why we have no pictures and no videos for the event! Alas-at least we survived and signed in all the right places. When I get home I will put more more pictures and videos online. For now I have included these to give you a taste of Lily Elena BiTao Torres!

She's darling-very sweet. I don't have pictures (again) of the moment she was handed to me, but DH took some video. I'll try to get it uploaded so that you may see the Moment. She didn't cry at all when they handed her over to me-she actually smiled and looked into my eyes. I will tell you that 2 hours later was a completely different story! The first night was a doozy! This is when I had my mini melt down. She wouldn't stop crying...and eventually neither did I! Last night was much better. She went to sleep around 8:30 and didn't wake up until this morning. I can't tell you what a difference getting much needed sleep has made for me. Dad is just in love with her-even though she prefers me to him (very normal for initial attachment) she does allow him to carry her and play with her a little bit. More later

Love to all,


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chenderson said...

Hi Lourdes
Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures, even though sleepless at times. We are enjoying the pictures. When do you get back. I forgot.