Friday, February 5, 2010

We're Home..


Orly and I became violently ill on the day before we left Guangzhou-our little Nanchang group really believe that it's something we picked up there as everyone of us got it at one point. It was horrible-vomiting and the other-horrible stomach aches, chills--you get the picture. For me it started on the way to the swearing in ceremony at the American embassy. The people there must have thought I was a crazy woman-I could not keep my head up-and running to and from the bathroom must have caused quite the scene. At that moment I was so sick I didn't really care what people were thinking of me-I really thought I was going to end up in the hospital! Poor Lily-her mom could not swear the oath when the time came! I was doubled over on Orly's lap. I'm told that at that same moment, another father from our orphanage group also got sick. He couldn't even make it to the bathroom! This is how sudden and violent this virus was-poor man. I'm thinking this is one day the official rendering the oath will not forget. After all was said and done she very kindly helped Orly get me to a freight elevator so I could get back to the bus. I'm saying it here---I've been through labor twice-no epidural-pain meds....that was more bearable than this process! Thank God for the parents-especially Liz and Bill from our group. They jumped right in and helped Orly with Lily while he almost carried me up to bed. By bedtime that same night he got sick also-what follows is our travel nightmare that I won't get into right now. We are home and we are safe. I'll write more when I'm more settled and will add pics soon too.

Thank you M for updating this site while we were away! Can't wait for you to see Lily-she's really a gift.


chenderson said...

What a horrible story! I hope you get well soon. As I wrote earlier, it must have been quite a return trip on the plane. How does Lily like her new home? Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Leah Mei said...

Wow, what a terrible experience. Glad you are home though and hope you get better soon.


MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...

Welcome back! Wow whatever you guys had sounds aweful1. I could not imagine the plane ride home. I know when we came back we were quite the mess for about a week. So rest up, and hope all is better.