Thursday, January 17, 2008

Packing for a baby

What does one pack when they are getting ready to become an instant mom? I'm wondering what essentials I need to pack and what I can just get while I'm in China. In reading other people's blogs that are getting ready to go and meet their daughter I realize that I am completely unprepared for this big event. I also realize that I only really have 6 months to do her room, get her some clothes, get myself ready and pack. Sounds easy but it isn't. I think I have coped with the long wait by just putting the whole thing out of my mind. Don't get me wrong, DH and I often talk about little Ling Ling, but it is always about what to name her, or plans on how to raise her. She is very very real to us. Yet by the same token we haven't done anything in the way of concrete action (other than tons of paperwork) in preparation for her coming. It is almost as if it makes the time fly faster. Now, however, I think that we are getting close to the moment. I think we need to actually start preparing the house and more importantly planning for our travel so that it doesn't become a race against the clock by the end. My thoughts lately have been about packing for her. What do I need....well everything really....diapers, formula, clothes, medicines....God forbid...but what must be purchased here and what can I get over there? I wonder if it depends on the province that she comes from? The only thing I am really glad about is that the weather should be fairly warm, therefore; easy to pack light....I've seen the pics of the snow covered streets! As a native Miamian I don't think DH nor I could handle the cold. We wouldn't know what to do with ourselves. I'm going to look up groups that I might join so that I can start getting the 411 and like a good PREPARED!

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