Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So I looked at my favorite adoption blog just now and the Hen has her new Chick. The pics she put up are amazing. What a cute little girl. I wonder how I will feel when it is me somewhere in China taking responsibility for a life! I hope I live up to the task...I think I will be so scared and stressed that I won't be able to enjoy the moment. I would like to savor every single aspect of the experience however.

Little about my family:

Daughter 22 set to graduate this May...she followed in her mom's footsteps even though she really really didn't want too! Talk about turning into your mother......I know I have.

Son 19 in his freshman year of college. Enjoying the experience and looking forward to an early graduation. Just purchased a brand new Labrador puppy that come home this Friday.

My first question???? Will this breed be good with babies? I'm looking forward to a baby in the house! I think now it will be safe to start planning her room. I've sort of put it off because I didn't want to "jinx" it. Very Cuban of me...

Husband: Homeland Security-that's all I'll say about that. He has never had a child, so I want so very much for this to be "his" experience. I will try to let him hold baby first? who knows....

Myself: High School English teacher! Need I say more? I teach seniors-no I can't say more about that, if you have had teens you know what I mean. If you are still on that journey I don't want to color your experience! I will say that I absolutely love what I do-enjoy my students completely-no matter what their mood!

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