Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It has been about a month since I wrote anything-it's just that I find that there is very little to say! From the look of things, no new referrals. It is almost impossible to conceive that Ling Ling is out there waiting and we are........waiting. It is starting to get frustrating, especially for dh. This is a first child for him.

I've been struggling with bronchial troubles. I'm better but not at 100%--for someone that has never had any type of breathing problems, I find that this has been a very very scary time. I hate being short of breath-can't really sleep and I freak myself out. I've been to doctor and am told that this is very normal. I have inflammation from being sick during December. Again, I'm better, but frustrated this has lasted soooo long. I'm continue to be on anti-inflamatory medications and a bronchial dilator when I need it. This leads me to the discussion of Nate and Tricia.

I came upon a blog about them when I was on one of the adoption sites. They are a couple that are living with so much struggle: She has cystic fibrosis and became pregnant when she was put on the list for lung transplant. Early this year she gave birth to a very premature baby girl who is still in NICU. Tricia is quite depleted, but thankfully on the Organ transplant list. Nathan is just trying to keep it together; he claims God is his only hope and source of strength. I ask myself "How can that be?" I so wish I had that kind of faith. The kind that you have all the time, not just when you are sick or in trouble. How do I get that? I'm ashamed at my previous behavior. During the time I was really sick, I whined and complained and felt so sorry for myself. Yet in a hospital room a woman was fighting just to catch a breath.

I pray for them often and hope that a lung transplant happens soon.