Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hong Kong

Why is it that when we are living an adventure we sometimes don't see it as such? Today I read a blog about a couple that is in Hong Kong getting ready to pick up their daughter in China. As I read their descriptions of what they were doing I was completely moved by the memories of when I was in Hong Kong. I had never wanted to even visit the orient, not ever. In 2005 DH was transferred to Hong Kong due to work reasons. At the time I was so negative about the whole idea of living on the other side of the world! Yet, the more time I spent in Hong Kong, the more I fell in love with the city. I miss the sounds and smells of this cosmopolitan city. It was such an education and opportunity to experience the culture on the level that I was able to. We are back home now and I find myself nostalgic at times for Hong Kong. I am looking forward to visiting again, but realize that "visiting" and "living" are not the same. We have decided to fly to Hong Kong when we go get Ling-Ling. I think we will get there several days earlier so that we may visit old haunts!
I am also making it a point to live everyday as if it were an adventure...I don't want to look back and say "Wow, I wish I had really enjoyed that experience fully when I was living it!"

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