Friday, April 4, 2008

Important Update!

Tricia received her new lungs!

What great news for her, what a glorious gift from the donor and family. I was continually looking at Nate's blog on the night of the surgery and praying for success. I can imagine how her friends and family must be feeling. Here I am a complete stranger (that has been completely touched by this family) staying up and worrying about must Nate and her family have felt? Once again, I don't think they realize how many people that have not prayed in a long time, came to their knees. Isn't this also part of the miracle? I firmly believe that it is...I am a witness to it in my own home! Makes me so happy. Thank you Nate and Tricia for sharing your journey and gathering sheep as you traveled the difficult road.

I also found out that the wait for Ling-Ling is even longer. I as myself "Is it a sign?"

God will show the way if it is....