Sunday, October 12, 2008


Fall....if we may call it such in South my favorite time of the year. Their is a certain "nostalgia" that I begin to feel when the sun sets a little earlier, when the temperatures are not scorching hot, and when the air softens a bit. Ever since I can rememer I've loved the Fall. Those from the North would tell me "but this is not really Fall!" And I agree-no leaves changing and falling to the ground. We do not experience drops in temperature that merit sweater wearing, nor do we turn off our air conditioners. Yet the fact that Halloween is around the corner and we will be changing our clocks soon is enough for me to feel that melancholic feeling of a year coming to an end. This was a year of extremes for me. It was the most challenging for me healthwise and it was the most rewarding careerwise. It was also the year that I realized I had grown up! I remember talking to my childhood friends about what kind of lives we would have-oh how we would plan on being sooo different from our parents. Little did we know that although we would do somethings differently, in our core we became our parents! I so miss my high school years...the people I was friendly with...the carefree life that then I didn't realize I had. Sometimes I get an ache for those years. I only wish that this season would not lead to the rush rush of the Christmas holiday. I am going to make it a point this year to slow down and enjoy the moments-as opposed to how it has been in the past that before we realize it-the holidays are over!

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