Monday, March 16, 2009

March LIDs

We have finally reached the month of March for referrals...the light is absolutely shining at the end of this adoption tunnel. I think it's finally time to begin picking a color for Ling-Ling's room. Our agency tells us that they have matched through March 7th-We are March 29th! Just around the corner.
I wonder how it will be-it has really been such a long wait-and we have been so atypical about this waiting process. The adventure begins....

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Leah Mei said...

Hi Lourdes, I know the wait is tough. I kept busy but it was still very hard at times. Has your agency given you any approximation of when your referral would come? We traveled with families whose LID was Jan 12, 2006 and in June it will be one year for us. I check your blog for updates and pray that Ling-Ling comes home very soon