Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Assignment Preparation Letter!

Today we received our first notification from our agency that the wait will soon be over. Although they were very very careful about giving a time frame, it is obvious that we will soon receive a referral! The letter gives specific instructions as to what paperwork we must have and details instructions as to how to accept our child. Yay. I was kind of having a crappy day today as I got some not so great news, but I am really on an upswing now. DH is attending a seminar in South Carolina-so I texted him about the e-mail. I'm pretty sure he's excited too. Will update when I hear something new...


Anonymous said...

Another step closer! I hope you don't mind me reliving this amazing experience through you! I am really excited!


Leah Mei said...

Lourdes, I know the swine flu news has the adoption community in an uproar. However, I have friends that recently received their travel approval a week after being told by their agency that everything was on hold. So things are moving but at a slower pace. I had many, many moments of sadness when I thought it would never happen, sometimes I still can't believe Leah is here, but it will happen for you and we will celebrate with you. God is just waiting for the perfect child for YOU.
Be Well,